Artificial intelligence matching talent with openings in tech.

A cloud based solution for

Never read a bad resume again. enables you to speed up and improve the hiring process, helping you to focus on connecting with only the most qualified candidates.

Employers & Recruiters

Cut time per hire
Accurate IT candidate assessment
Recruitment as a scalable, on demand service
Optimised internal HR processes
CV converted automatically into a complete candidate profile

Industry insights through intelligence
Seamless, customisable integration
Job application via company landing pages
Evaluation of salaries against market averages
Web data capture
Database Integration

Job Boards integration with a job board via an API
Analyse and flag unsuitable job applications
Gain accuracy by filtering noise and building user confidence
Harness data to inform career choices

We employ linguistics algorithms to identify patterns within the structure and phrasing of job posts and CVs, converting them into data points to match candidates to suitable jobs.

Artificial intelligence

Instantly see thousands of candidates ranked in order of suitability to your openings.

We map a user's search query to actual job requirements (expressed as a combination of topics, ex.: Mobile Development - 10%, Design - 60%). This mapping part involves analyzing full job descriptions, IT vocabularies, a.s.o. in order to identify the user's actual search intent.
This mapping part is our secret sauce no. 1.

Once we have the job requirements mapped we then employ our internal Machine Learning (AI) pipeline to suggest the best suitable candidates for the identified set of requirements.
This recommending process is our secret sauce no. 2.

We believe in linking good people with good people, talent with opportunities, at company, country and continent level.

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"We are entering the era of unparalleled talent scarcity, which, if left unaddressed, will put a brake on economic growth around the world"

Jean Charest, premier of Quebec, Canada

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