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A product for  #HRDepartments.#RecruitmentAgencies.#Startups.#SMEs.

We employ linguistic algorithms to identify patterns within the structure and phrasing of job posts and CVs, converting them into data points to match candidates to suitable jobs.

Bring your database alive with a new breed of search: Interrogate your database directly with a job description or with a single word. No search too broad or too narrow.

You don't even need to type the word ''java'', our robot recruiters know what java means and they will work very hard on surfacing relevance, constantly learning from your data.

Go from Application to Shortlist in one step: we match, recommend and predict the best fit, instantly and at scale. We explore every bit of information shared in the resume.

Our robot recruiters pull apart every single resume and build it back together in seconds, crawling the web for candidate code and portfolio work that supports the resume data.

Create efficiency, cost and time savings for your team and company. Opening.io creates instant economic and strategic benefits through process automation, transparency and impact on key KPIs.

The product is built with transparency and efficiency in mind: admin account with visibility over all company accounts, simple database sharing through links and insights into market data (salary predictions).


A product for  #ATSs.#JobBoards.#JobAggregators.#RecruitmentFairs.#JobPlatforms.

We process resume files in real-time, generating key HR intelligence: candidate assessment, salaries recommendations, job-candidate matching and various other latent metrics.

One click matching: power your platform with technology that parses data at scale, stripping features and reengineering the candidate and job interaction on your platform.

Make use of your data with direct impact on cost savings. Reduce time to hire while generating new revenue streams.

Job Board machine learning technology to transform your platform. Make use of your very own data and unleash self-learning artificial intelligence to instantly match employers and job seekers.

Create more efficient recruiting for employers and the ultimate experience for job seekers.

Matching technology to augment your Applicant Tracking System. Create efficiency at the very entry level of the recruitment funnel. Automate your processes with matching AI.

Tap into data science and automation. Employ algorithms to match, predict and recommend the best fit, faster.

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