Supercharge your job platform.

MATCH provides matching, predicting, recommending and intelligent search technologies for job platforms and recruitment marketplaces.

AI engine API

This scalable, reliable and secure Artificial Intelligence engine is at the core of our technology. Plugged into any database, it works as an intelligent search engine, analysing thousands of CVs in milliseconds and matching them to open jobs. Simple. Your search query is a combination of a job description and job title. The neural networks do the rest. Real-time visibility over the entire database. Noise is eliminated and relevant information is accessible instantly.

Similarities API

Similarities API surfaces individuals with similar professional experience. Think people recommender engine with high relevance and match score that sorts an entire database based on how similar they are to a given individual. Once an ‘ideal’ profile has been selected, it surfaces more individuals who share similar professional skills, depth and breadth of expertise. Ideal candidates, even if they exist, aren’t always available and our Similarities API addresses precisely this.

IT Leaderboard API

The IT Leaderboard API affords deep insight into any database, ranking the most skilled IT candidates. The candidates are ranked based on depth and scope of expertise in a particular IT domain, new information is updated in real-time. Highly skilled IT professionals are flagged as their information is uploaded or updated in the system, ensuring none of the top IT talent is ever missed.

Skill Extraction and suggestion APIs

Extract skills from any text, CVs and job descriptions. The Skill Suggestions API suggests additional relevant skills, enabling recruiters and hiring managers to look beyond existing skills and keywords, surfacing more relevant and complementary skills. Plugged into a job platform, the Extraction and Suggestion APIs empower candidates to build more meaningful, complete profiles.

Email commands API

The API enables users to interact with the database directly from their mailbox. Users can query the database and receive relevant results in response via an automated email reply. Email commands available for both the AI Engine solution (candidate/job search) and for Similarities (candidate/candidate search).

Apply button API

A button that delivers flawless CV acquisition and parsing. It’s an API in a shape of a fully customisable button. It can be inserted anywhere on the web. All CVs acquired this way are parsed and candidate profiles are created automatically.

Salary Predictions API

We tap into market data and predict estimated market salary for each resume in real-time.

Opening integrates with your existing infrastructure via a lightweight API layer: we provide mechanisms to acquire, analyze and query resume data enriching your existing experience - you can either receive structured json data to use in your back-end processes or simply copy paste embedding codes to render pre-packaged views, much like Facebook comments widgets for example.


Our goal for you: love your resume database. Spend less time searching and more time talking to the right candidates.


AI search, match and rank inside your own ATS. Text grab technology that makes any text in your ATS or on the wider web searchable.