Similar Talent Matching API
Move beyond matching talent to job vacancies and identify talent similar to each other based on their skills and expertise. Create talent archetypes and benchmark new applicants against these ideal candidate profiles.
Similar Talent Matching API enables recruiters to move beyond job descriptions and discover talent that is similar to a particular talent archetype or a Super Profile.

Don’t rely on candidate and job fit data alone.
Build Super Profiles and broaden the pool of the right talent.

Great candidates are not always a top match for a specific open role. But they may be a match for a job which is about to open, or have the skills required to succeed in your organization. 

Use automation and candidate mapping to flag the types of candidates you want to talk to the moment they apply, regardless of the role they applied to, department or geographic location.
Enable your end-users to create unique Super Profiles that match the skills required by their organisations
Simply upload a benchmark talent profile or create your own
Continuously monitor new applicants and job seekers as they enter your database
Help maximize diversity and inclusion with algorithms that do not consider age, gender, social background or other discriminating factors
Enable your end-users to control and tailor their Super Profiles to the changing requirements of their organisations
Boost talent rediscovery
Boost candidate rediscovery by benchmarking similar talent. Create more value utilizing your existing talent data.
Augment human insight
Help recruiters and talent acquisition managers navigate talent ecosystems by recommending similar candidates based on identical, comparable or complementary skills and expertise.
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