Minimize the Noise

Skill Extraction from Unstructured Resumes, Jobs and Talent Profiles. Skill Recommendations API. 
The only list-building strategy you need .

This API is a Natural Language Understanding based extractor built to minimize noise, maximize the precision and the accuracy of your skill extraction needs.

The Skills Suggestion API is a skills and abilities recommender engine which surfaces relevant additional skills and areas of expertise for a particular job title or skill.
Enhance match precision

Increase the precision of talent matching algorithms and overall search capabilities, as the spectrum of skills and areas of expertise are denoised.

Train on your data and introduce new skills and areas of expertise with your proprietary skills taxonomies.

Is Java a skill?

It depends.

Whether a particular word is a skill or not depends on context. An experienced recruiter might be able to infer a skill that is not explicitly present on a resume or to tease out a word that looks like one, but isn’t fairly quickly. This is a far more complex task when performed on a data set which contains millions of candidates and jobs.  
Opening’s Skills Extraction and Skills Suggestion APIs are based on the latest research in Natural Language Understanding and are razor focused on relevance, accuracy and precision. We’ve done the hard work, so you won’t have to.

Encourage job seekers to enhance their candidate profiles

Recommend additional skills based on context and encourage candidates to enrich their profiles to maximize their chances of being matched, discovered and ultimately, employed.

Identify skills in any resume, candidate profile, job description or simply any text.

More than 1 billion talent data points analyzed and our data set is growing
Developer hours saved
People matched with the right jobs and opportunities
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