Talent to Jobs Matching API
Powered by Baikal AI, the algorithm moves through millions of data points evaluating, categorizing and recommending the most suitable talent fit for any job opening, instantly.
This robust and flexible API predicts the best matching candidates for any job opening. It is designed to address a variety of use cases that accelerate talent screening, from ranking of job applicants, referred candidates, and existing employees, to talent rediscovery.
Drive the right talent through the initial stages of the recruiting funnel, faster
As well as increasing efficiency and quality of new hires automating talent matching at job application stage leads to a decrease in unconscious hiring bias among recruiters and hiring managers.
Deliver a tailored talent matching solution
Baikal AI provides you with flexibility to develop custom workflows and talent matching pipelines that are unique to your platform, staffing firm or enterprise talent acquisition processes.
Unlock the value of previously sourced candidates with talent rediscovery
Leverage machine learning and natural language understanding to surface the right talent among existing talent pools, employees, and previously sourced or referred candidates.
Automate candidate screening
Match applicants with live jobs and notify talent of relevant jobs as they become available
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Reimagning talent matching with Baikal AI

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