Never read a bad resume again.

RECRUIT is an artificial intelligence powered end-to-end talent acquisition tool that matches the right people with the right opportunities.

Our goal for you: love your resume database.

Easy: getting your data into

Forward CVs as email attachments. Simple.

Upload CVs in bulk. We built a Mac and a Windows app for this purpose. Select a folder and upload hundreds of CVs.

Import CVs from Dropbox or GoogleDrive.

One click CV upload on your website.

Our goal for you: spend less time searching and more time talking to the right candidates.

Search better, search faster

See inside your data. Search using Artificial Intelligence.

Match candidates to jobs. Search with a full job description.

Match candidates to other candidates. Search with a CV.

Rank IT candidates. Discover high value candidates.

Connect your databases to your email. Search directly from your inbox.

Our goal for you: understand your candidate. get detailed insights into their CV data.

Link CV data to candidate insights available online

Back algorithm decision making with actual candidate work

Candidate code discovery - GitHub code automatically pulled into the candidate profile

Automatically displayed portfolio work

Candidate and job salary predictions

Our goal for you: make collaboration easy. hiring is teamwork.

Create and share shortlists

Tag candidates using #hashtags.

Capture candidate feedback

Access all your company accounts


One click match. Create more efficient recruiting for employers and the ultimate experience for job seekers.


AI search, match and rank inside your own ATS. Text grab technology that makes any text in your ATS or on the wider web searchable.