Start your cognitive recruiting journey today with Opening’s Talent Recommender engine
Our fully customizable Talent Recommender engine is designed to empower enterprise recruiting and talent acquisition teams to make reliable and data-driven decisions individually and at scale.
Opening’s Talent Recommender engine leverages your enterprise’s historical talent data and incoming applicant data to make accurate recommendations surfacing top talent first.
Boost your candidate rediscovery strategy
Rediscover and re-engage with top talent previously sourced and make the most of your talent data.
Create inclusive and diverse talent pipelines
Eliminate bias from the screening process and gain clarity on what skills really accelerate your business.
Fuel your talent pipeline with Super Profiles
Define ideal candidate profiles (Super Profiles) and continuously monitor your talent ecosystem for relevant talent to emerge.
Augment human insight
Increase human capacity to identify talent fit and broaden the scope of relevant talent with instant insights into job match, specific skills and salaries.
Set out for long-term success
Your customised instance of talent matching technology is continuously augmented by your data with both accuracy and lack of bias in mind.
Scale with confidence
Our world-class architecture ensures that the cognitive talent recommender engine can handle millions of matching requests at once.
Integrations made easy
Undemanding rollout, clear API documentation and enablement make integrations possible with your favorite recruitment tools.
Fully API-enabled 
Built to thrive in your existing HR tech stack
Customizable, mapped on top of historical data and aligned with your hiring processes
Easy to integrate, deploy and scale
Secure and scalable architecture 
GDPR compliant by design
Top talent deserves to be (re)discovered
Combining human insight with the cognitive talent recommender engine helps talent acquisition and recruiting teams to tap into the previously sourced talent data, decreases time-to-hire and saves sourcing budgets.
24/7 talent intelligence at your service
Opening’s talent recommender engine continuously monitors your enterprise talent environment and notifies recruiters when a new matching talent appears in your HR ecosystem.

Don’t rely on candidate and job fit data alone.
Build Super Profiles and broaden the pool of the right talent for your business.

Great candidates are not always a top match for a specific open role. But they may be a match for a job which is about to open, or have the skills required to succeed in your organization. 

Use automation and candidate mapping to flag the types of candidates you want to talk to the moment they apply, regardless of the role they applied to, department or geographic location.
Create unique Super Profiles that match skills required by your business
Maximize diversity and inclusion with algorithms that do not consider age, gender, social background or other discriminating factors
Live monitoring of your entire talent ecosystem for the highly relevant candidates
Get notified when the matching talent applies or shows interest in your company
Control and tailor 
your Super Profiles to the changing requirements of 
your business
talent data points analyzed
people matched with the right opportunities
monitoring of your enterprise talent ecosystem
of all incoming resumes ranked and matched to open jobs and against Super Profiles
Jibe was pleased to find an intelligent matching engine that was built to be embedded into recruiter or job candidate workflows. The REST APIs are simple to use and seamlessly scale to large multinational customers without issues, providing support for real-time interactions as well as candidate resurfacing scenarios. The Opening team is highly responsive, working with Jibe to refine and extend capabilities to meet the needs of our enterprise customers.
Dave Wright
Chief Data Scientist, iCIMS 
Formerly CTO, Jibe
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