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Talent and Jobs Matching, Skills Extraction, and Intelligence APIs are the Versatile Building Blocks for Creating Value for Your Clients and End-users.
Build faster and better than your competition

Shorten your development cycles and deliver a customized prototype to your clients and end-users in weeks, not months.
Machine learning at scale and speed you can trust

Opening analyzed over a billion talent data points across multiple industries and functions, building highly accurate, industry agnostic models supported by a robust, scalable architecture.

Create value for your clients and end-users

While built on the current data science research, our state-of-the-art technology focuses on concrete, clearly defined HR and recruiting industry applications and use cases.
APIs built for product people and developers

Our APIs are easy to use and to implement on top of candidate  and recruiter interactions that reflect the specific needs of your platform.
A simplified framework to accelerate implementation of customized talent matching algorithms

Opening’s 3-Step Framework to get you started

1. Scope & Design
Stage one is bringing engineers and product people together for the initial proof of concept. We help you scope the right use cases that will deliver competitive advantage, increase revenue and transform the end-user experience.
2. Customize & Train
Stage two allows you to customize the components of the talent matching solution and train on your specific candidate and jobs data.
3. Deliver a validated prototype
Stage three delivers a validated prototype, tailored to the specifics of your platform architecture, processes and data.
The only talent matching solution partner you’ll need

Let’s build the future of work together!

More than 1 billion talent data points analyzed and our data set is growing
Developer hours saved
People matched with the right jobs and opportunities

Here’s what our customers are saying

“We couldn’t imagine building our hiring sidekick product at without Opening’s chops in talent-centric data science. With powerful resume parsing, matching, and search, we are excited to see what Opening is up to on their roadmap!”
Niraj Swami
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