A fully reactive pipeline operating on private cloud servers.

Opening is a resume processing pipeline enabling real-time, high scale resume parsing and HR intelligence: we enable resume acquisition and analysis in bulk, scaling from small agency requirements to job-board-sized pools of candidates. We assess key metrics during analysis - candidate code, portfolio, abilities, education, experience - and match candidates to suitable jobs, forecast salaries and expose latent insights.

API based

Interactions are fully API based unleashing technologies built on Scala, Python, Java and JavaScript. We run behind NGINX/Phusion Passenger web servers proxied to node.js, deploy a distributed application (Akka Actor/Akka Cluster/Akka Streams), perform I/O at scale (Mesos/Docker) and employ immutability at the database level - Couchbase.

Context aware

We gather portfolio data (GitHub code, folio sites screenshots), extract various bits of important information from each resume, assess abilities then rank everything up against all the other candidates.


A combination of linguistics (NLP), data science (supervised/unsupervised learning) and search (Lucene) offer an unparallelled level of insight being also supported by internal processes monitoring 15 major job boards to extract key market intelligence (pools of demand, average salaries and such).

Confidential and secure

We operate in a secure private cloud environment while also able to powering 3rd party private, confidentiality-bound clouds.


Here's a quick overview of our platform, feel free to check out our engineering blog too. Feedback gladly welcomed, of course.