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We build talent matching algorithms.
You make them your own.

Leverage the power of deep learning and natural language understanding to create smarter talent solutions. For HR tech vendors, enterprises, and staffing agencies.
Powered by Opening, the world’s most successful companies simplify the discovery of jobs and talent, predict the best talent fit, and uncover crucial insights from talent and jobs data
Trusted by world’s leading businesses
Let’s build great products together!
Building with Opening means that we will help you scope, design, and roll out talent and job matching solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of your business and data
Convert relevant talent  
Relevant talent and job matching recommendations speed up the hiring process by at least 50% and increase conversion from prospect job seekers to applicants and hires.
Double the size of relevant talent pools
By activating 100% of their talent and jobs data, our clients are able to expand revenues and double the size of relevant talent pools.
3-Step implementation framework 
We simplified the implementation of talent AI, helping our partners to go live with a fully customized prototype in weeks, not months.
Train, customize, and scale
Flexible talent intelligence components allow you to navigate the complexities of talent matching with ease and scale without constraints.
Discover Baikal AI

The world’s deepest and clearest data lake for talent and jobs data.

Opening’s core technology, Baikal AI, builds on the state-of-the-art, current research in deep learning and natural language understanding and simplifies the implementation of talent and job matching models. 
Talent Recommender Engine
Designed to empower recruiting and talent acquisition teams to make data-driven decisions individually and at scale
Talent Ranking
Accelerate your active talent acquisition pipeline with instant talent ranking & leverage the freedom to introduce unique ranking logic that reflects your recruiting processes
Talent Intelligence
Explore a set of AI-based talent intelligence APIs which are infinitely flexible and instantly deployable. Customize talent data components to match your exact business needs without constraints
Data Parsing
Learn how to generate more leads on your website with hundreds of proven strategies
“Jibe was pleased to find an intelligent matching engine that was built to be embedded into recruiter or job candidate workflows. The REST APIs are simple to use and seamlessly scale to large multinational customers without issues, providing support for real-time interactions as well as candidate resurfacing scenarios. The Opening team is highly responsive, working with Jibe to refine and extend capabilities to meet the needs of our enterprise customers.”
David Wright
Chief Data Scientist, iCIMS
Formerly CTO, Jibe
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