Rediscover talent you already have.

Candidates that have previously applied are 14x more likely to re-engage.

Our goal for you: activate 100% of your CV database.

easy: plug deep neural networks into your existing ATS

Talent rediscovery: surface dormant candidates, source from your own database

Search your database using search and match AI technologies

Search with a job description or a candidate profile

Improve your job description: skill extraction & skill recommendations

Front-end integration via browser app

Text grab technologies. Click on any text in your ATS or on the wider web and search for it within your database (candidate name, social profile handle, niche skill etc)

We integrate with all major Aplicant Tracking Systems.


Our goal for you: love your resume database. Spend less time searching and more time talking to the right candidates.


One click match. Create more efficient recruiting for employers and the ultimate experience for job seekers.