Got questions about the Opening Talent Matching APIs?
Let’s get a few of them answered.

What is Opening?

Opening is a data science company that leverages the latest advancements in machine learning and natural language understanding to enable recruiting and talent acquisition teams to make data-driven decisions individually and at scale.

What does Opening do?

Opening is built for HR technologies (ATSs, CRMs, conversational AI, recruiting marketplaces and job boards), enterprises and staffing agencies. We help our customers build cognitive talent capabilities into their technology stack. Our clients and partners capitalize on their talent data, transform their job or candidate search into Talent & Job Recommender engines, enrich their talent relationships and deepen their understanding of the wider talent market.

What specific industries or talent verticals is Opening built for?

Opening’s core technology, Baikal AI, is entirely industry agnostic. The engine has been trained on over one billion talent data points across a wide range of industries. It is currently deployed within the HR tech stack of Fortune 500 companies, staffing agencies and job boards, visited by thousands of job seekers & recruiters each day. The engine is continuously training on new data and is fully customizable to reflect the specific needs of our clients’ talent and jobs data, and processes.

How is Opening different from other AI-based recruiting tools?

Opening is a fully API-enabled Talent & Job Recommender engine which integrates with all modern HR tech stack from applicant tracking software and recruiting CRMs to job boards, talent marketplaces and recruiting chat bots. It enables talent matching use cases across all stages of the hiring and employee lifecycle, from ranking and screening of new job applicants to candidate rediscovery and internal career progression.

What is Baikal AI?

Baikal AI is at the core of Opening’s talent recommender engine. Baikal leverages the latest advancements in deep learning and natural language understanding to deliver relevant of talent and jobs recommendations at scale and speed.

What is the Talent to Jobs Matching API?

The Talent to Jobs Matching API surfaces relevant jobs for any candidate, resume or job seeker profile and sorts them by top match score. Use cases include smart job recommendations on career pages, job boards, internal career progression tool, recruiting chatbots and referral platforms.

What is the Jobs to Talent Matching API?

The Jobs to Talent Matching API finds the right candidates for any given job description and sorts them by top match score. Use cases include candidate ranking and talent rediscovery.

What is the Similar Talent Matching API? 

The Similar Talent Matching API enables talent acquisition and recruiting teams to utilize an ‘ideal’ or benchmark candidate as their match query, surfacing most similar talent first. Use cases include creation of talent pools, similar talent rediscovery, automated matching of ideal talent profiles.

What is the Similar Jobs Matching API?

The Similar Jobs Matching API identifies similar jobs from any pool of jobs, however large or small. Use cases include smart job recommendations on career pages and job boards, and candidate nurturing and engagement through email notifications.

Does Opening offer parsing capabilities?

Opening’s resume parser is powered by a neural network which leads to speed and accuracy gains for our clients. The parser allows for all file types to be processed, including pdf and all text and image formats.

How do I get access to the Opening APIs?

Simply contact us by filling out the form.

Are Opening APIs really that easy to use?

We provide you with a 3-Step Framework to get you started quickly. It’s an accelerated approach to implementing Opening talent and jobs matching solutions which takes you all the way through scoping and design to deployment and scaling.

How do I define my use cases?

The Opening team will work with your product and development teams to scope and design the right talent and jobs matching use cases which will drive value for your business. Supporting your business to achieve your goals of delivering a great candidate and employee experience, capitalizing on talent data, expanding revenue, and acquiring new customers.

How does Opening’s pricing work?

Tiered, subscription-based license model that is both usage and use case driven. We partner with our clients to enable them to first build and then sell (pre and post production price ramp available).
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