Augment your platform with cognitive capabilities of Baikal AI by Opening

Opening’s Baikal AI is the industry leading whitelabel Talent Recommender Engine. Baikal uses natural language understanding and deep neural networks to enable, streamline and inform each stage of the talent lifecycle.

The API solution

Build and deploy intelligent talent matching capabilities across any HR technology stack. Baikal AI can be embedded into any modern HRIS or VMS, recruiting CRM and ATS, conversational AI platform, job board or career landing page. It starts delivering the value of natural language understanding and machine learning instantly to any data-rich platform.

Context-aware intelligence

Baikal AI understands the context of jobs and talent data. It is sensitive to every bit of valuable detail from a talent profile, resume or job opening which enables it to make more accurate and context-aware talent matching recommendations. 

Clarity on what’s behind the match score

Baikal AI only taps into the skills, context and jobs related data on any resume or candidate profile. The skill set, depth and breadth of professional expertise and context in which it was obtained and when are the key components of the match. No sensitive data is ever considered or inferred. 

Security and confidentiality

Opening meets security and data privacy standards by design. Baikal AI operates in a secure private cloud environment and can be deployed on any third-party private cloud.

Continuous learning

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Freedom to build with no constraints

These components are entirely customizable allowing you to create tailored workflows and embed Baikal AI seamlessly into your platform.